Space Escape – Pre Pro



space 1



10 minute Hip-Hop Drawings

These are all 10 minute sketches done in various areas around Kansas City, done with the Hip-Hop sketch group in KC

Painting Elective – Sketchbook Drawings/Figure Drawings

Here are a couple of sketchbook drawings from my painting elective class,

we were asked to do studies of various artists to help with our gesture/tone in our figure study drawings, along with self portraits

And here are a few figure drawings

Figure Drawing Class – Projects

Here is the projects I did for my painting elective this semester, I did 5 projects total but did not photograph the 5th project yet. Some projects had more that one part to them so I tried to make their labels clear.

Also: My 2nd project was a animation, so hit play to check it out! 😀

Some Sort of Pain from Erin Kennedy on Vimeo.